Security Surveillance System


CCTV is now considered crucial in both crime prevention and detection. The applications of CCTV systems are increasingly incorporated in home security and commercial security systems, staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance and access control surveillance. This approach provides the users with ultimate deterrent that is both visible and effective.

The Comsoft Security Solutions offer a wide range of CCTV systems including CCTV observation systems, home CCTV and commercial CCTV systems. Our digital CCTV provides continuous recording on hard drives, higher image quality and 24 hour remote monitoring when linked to CCTV Monitoring Centre, plus remote viewing of images via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Product Showcase

Wireless Cams

Wide vaiety of wireless Cams are available also supporting audio features.

1/3" Proline Cam
  • Standard Box Camera
  • 1/4" SONY Color CCD
  • Back Light Compensation
  • Auto White Balance(AWB) Lens: C/CS Lens
High Power 28 LED Cam
  • 4.0mm~9.0mm Zoom F1.6 Auto Iris Vari-Focal Lens
  • 1/3" Sony Super HAD
  • High Resolution
  • 9.0mm~22.0mm Zoom F1.6 Auto Iris Vari-Focal Lens

4 Channel - 8 Channel DVR Cards available for remote monitoring of office and homes


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